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I guess dog pushed over the heater

My dwelling is on the first floor.

The living room is often really chilly & so is the kitchen environment.

There is a rather immense radiator in the kitchen & it puts out a pretty good amount of heat. Sadly, the radiators throughout the rest of the dwelling barely task at all. I have them open the whole way & they still do not supply a huge amount of heat. Still, this is the only dwelling that I can afford on my salary. It’s close to my actual task so I do not spend a huge amount of time complaining. When I realized that heating was going to be a drawback, I decided to purchase a small space oil furnace to keep in the apartment. I keep the space oil furnace on the counter in the kitchen regularly. I only have to set it to the medium setting & it provides a huge amount of sizzling air. Sometimes it is way too sizzling & I have to turn off the oil furnace completely. A few evenings ago, the rapidly changing temperatures were totally chilly & I set up the space oil furnace before I headed off to bed. I woke up in the middle of the evening to get a glass of water & the bathroom was way too cold. I walked out to the kitchen & I realized that the space oil furnace was fully off. I switched on the light & I found the space oil furnace resting on the floor. The dog must have knocked the oil furnace over in the middle of the evening. I obtained a space oil furnace that has an automatic shutoff switch. Anytime the oil furnace is not fully upright, the heating function doesn’t actually work. I promptly put the oil heating appliance back on the counter & positioned the dog in my living room for the rest of the evening.

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