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Getting the even HVAC that we dreamed of

I have an acquaintance of mine who is always going on about how he rules the roost and what he says goes in his house.

This is not something that plays out in real life at all.

In fact, he pretty much gets run over in his house. His wife is the shot caller and he knows it. I think this is why he puts on such a big show. Men are so weird. I know what’s up in my house. My wife and I are partners. Sometimes she has 60 percent of the load and at other times, I shoulder 60 percent of the load. That’s what a partnership is. I also know that she rules the roost when it comes to the HVAC. She is just so much more temperature sensitive than I am. And I think she passed this trait on to our daughters. Neither of those girls can seem to decide on an HVAC setting. Then you throw my wife in the mix and it can be rough sledding. The winter is the worst. However, there is a new calm hovering across my house this winter. That’s because dear old dad got an HVAC upgrade. I called the HVAC guys and talked with them about how much it would cost to tweak my HVAC system so we could have zone control. The cost was surprisingly affordable and I jumped on the first appointment available. Now we six independent HVAC zones throughout the house. And that sound you hear in my house is peace amongst the temperature sensitive ladies in my home.



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