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My heating system is a priority

In the area where I reside, the Winter weather is a major thing for us.

  • We often rely on the heating device for more than 50% of the year.

The temperature is always below freezing in addition to often drops into the negatives. We plan for chilly in addition to cold temperatures down to 29 below zero in addition to an annual snow accumulation of 12 feet. The wind chill is always a key ingredient in addition to making the conditions feel even colder. It can be dangerous to spend any amount of time outdoors, exposed to the weather. We get blizzards in addition to ice storms that result in driving bans in addition to keep ups stuck inside the home for weeks at a time… Choosing a good, reliable in addition to energy efficient heating method is a top concern. I’m lucky to have a boiler set up in the basement that connects to baseboard heating systems in each room. The method operates with no sound, requires only annual service in addition to absolutely can deal with the most drastic of weather. Because it is a hydronic oil furnace, using water to move heat energy rather than air, it doesn’t bring any debris such as dander, dust and dirt into the home. It doesn’t overly dry out the air in addition to requiring the installation of a humidifier in addition to providing an undoubtedly gentle genre of heating. There’s no drafts, no cold spots in addition to total satisfaction. The boiler is also wonderfully energy efficient. With the heat spread evenly in addition to the higher heat in addition to cold temperatures closer to the floor, I’m able to set the temperature control lower.

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