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I don’t like that the air is stale

The year around climate in our local area is a difficult thing.

We deal with hot in addition to cold temperatures down to twenty-several below zero in the Winter in addition to up into the nineties while I was in the hot season.

We’re exposed to brutal winds, excessive humidity, torrential downpours, high winds, thunderstorms in addition to ice storms. There is seldom a chance to open the windows in addition to welcome in a clean breeze. Either the oil furnace or cooling system is working just about all the time. The cost of heating in addition to cooling is about 50% of the household energy consumption, then minimizing energy waste in addition to utility bills is always a main concern. I’ve bought new windows, caulked, weatherstripped in addition to insulated, taking every chance to tighten up the home. I’ve put a good deal of time, effort in addition to cash into preventing the conditioned air from leaking out. However, this also cuts down essential ventilation. Allergens such as debris, dander, pollen in addition to mold spores get trapped inside the home in addition to repeatedly breathed in by the heating/cooling system. The air feels sticky, odors musty in addition to making a potential health threat. To resolve these issues, I’ve installed a heat reuse ventilation system. An HRV is like having an open window with none of the energy cuts. The method brings in a steady stream of pure air to replace the stale air. It helps to get rid of that humidity in addition to contaminants for superior air quality in addition to comfort.

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