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Outdoorsy But Also Appreciative of HVAC

I’ve always been an outdoorsy person. As a kid, I always played outside, sledding and building snow forts in December and bicycling and roller skating in June. I grew up in a time period when the adolescents were expected to go outside to play, and it was still safe to play outside! Even on the most wintry afternoon, I would take our sled down the road and sled on the hillsides. Of course, before long I was back at the beach apartment trying to keep from freezing in the central heating. But, then after a little while, I was back outside, then, back in to warm up in the central heat again. When June came around, I would play hard outside, then run inside to the cold a/c to keep from passing out. I did this repeatedly. Mother used to complain about me running in and out, but because it was so hot and humid outside that I needed to cool off in the a/c for a few minutes, and get a cool drink. Now that I am an adult, I still love the good outdoors. I still get a kick out of sledding and take our children to nearby sledding spots, since the school is gated now. We can no longer just run inside to warm up but I have a furnace in our car. I no longer go roller skating, but I do work outside in the garden, and I love it as long as I have a/c to cool off in. I wouldn’t be so outdoorsy if I didn’t have warm heat and cool a/c available when I needed it.

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