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Our church needed to have the HVAC system replaced

My church needed to have the HVAC system totally replaced and since everything was closed down because of the pandemic shutdowns, we decided that it was a great time to get it done.

I have been pushing to have our heating and cooling system redone for years, but it just kept on getting pushed back.

People wanted to do other things with the money that the church had saved, which makes total sense. I mean, I’m also a person who likes to help the poor and underprivileged population. However, I am also a person who suffers greatly from seasonal allergies and I really was hoping that they would do something to get the heating and cooling system at the church in better shape. I found that every time I would go into the building, I would have all kinds of respiratory problems. It was a little bit sporadic, too. I noticed that it was the worst whenever the heating or the air conditioning system would come on and start blowing air from the air vents. I figured that it was some sort of mold or dust that had accumulated up in the ventilation ducts. I am beyond excited that the commercial HVAC company is going to be totally redoing the ventilation system at the church, along with installing a totally new central cooling system and gas furnace. I think it will be a great thing for the church and for me too! I guess that having the whole HVAC system redone is one good thing about all of the pandemic shutdowns.

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