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I married the right guy

During the time that I got married to a professional Heating and A/C professional last year, I never expected that his schedule would be as disappointing as it is, however both of us met at the root beer shop on the corner 1 morning when I was inside simply working and he was on a lunch chop from all of his a/c repair calls, he ordered an egg salad sandwich and I spilled root beer all over his Heating and A/C uniform when I went to refill his cup… And, as they say, the rest is history! Currently the two of us are married and basically absolutely thrilled except for the fact that he has to work a lot of afternoons and holidays because he ends up with the emergency phone calls.

  • He regularly signs up to do the emergency heating and cooling calls because he has a passion for helping people, however he also likes getting in all of the extra overtime pay on his paycheck, however I need to say that I thoroughly care about the overtime pay also, however I don’t understand if it’s worth it to me to have him gone so several afternoons and weekends throughout the month.

He says that after next year, he will get moved up in the rotation, and he won’t have to do so several emergency Heating and A/C calls. I hope that’s a fact, since every so often it’s hard having to spend holiday weekends by myself or with my sibling because he’s out fixing some random person’s again. I guess I should have known that his schedule would be strange when the two of us got married, but the life of an Heating and A/C professional’s partner is odd than I thought it would be.

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