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HVAC Should Be Repaired by HVAC Pro

Sporadically I make stupid decisions.

Sporadically our wifey has to warn me about doing dumb things and I am too stubborn and thick headed to pay attention to her.

My most recent act of being moronic is “accidentally” cutting the a/c. Now it is going to cost me a pretty price to get it fixed and functional and operational again. Breaking it wasn’t exactly an accident, the darn thing stopped blowing cold air, and of all the times it could have done this, it chose the hottest afternoon of the year after I had just made my way inside after weeding and gardening in the yard for hours. My wifey told me to just call the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company nearby and have them do the a/c repair. I told her no way and that those boys don’t assume anything more than I do and that I can repair it on my own for less money. I looked at her and she apparently didn’t think it was wise, but she kept quiet. Then I proceeded to do the ultimate stupid deed of all my time, I was frustrated and I kicked the a/c barefooted. All that did was bruise our substantial toe, but nope I still hadn’t l learned my lesson because I did it again and the same thing happened again. I even gave the a/c a pep talk. I told it that it should be a nice Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment and please give me the much needed cool air. Still I got nowhere. I kicked it one more time, hollered a curse word as our foot made contact, and saw the completely die. My wifey just shook her head. Now here I am today stuck paying for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professional to fix my attempt at repairing our broken a/c system.

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