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Going in and out all Day

I spent ten hours definitely doing the gardening in the sizzling Summer sun with no sunblock last Friday afternoon.

I’m olive skinned so my skin doesn’t usually burn.

Instead I got a pretty attractive golden tan on our arms. I decided that I want that tan all over. Now, I assume that they say lying out in the sun is not nice for you and excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, but, I just went ahead and figured that just this once, I would cover myself with a golden tan from head to toe. I had no wish to go to a tanning salon. Why spend money for what the sun gives us for free? So, I put on our bathing suit and hit the yard. I was out there maybe fifteen minutes. It was the middle of July and entirely hot, and I had to go inside and cool off in the a/c after just that short time. I set the thermostat at 69 degrees and turned the ceiling fan in the kitchen on as well. It took me all afternoon to work on this tan. I would go outside for a few minutes and then go back inside to cool off in the a/c. Now it is clear to me why the adolescents run in and out from sun to a/c all day long! You entirely can’t do much outside, even kneeling out, before it becomes a great idea to cool off in the a/c. It did literally take me all afternoon to get a charming golden tan that suited my taste, because of our need to keep coming in and cooling off in the a/c, but I got the pretty skin color that I wanted and I am cheerful with it.
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