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Commercial HVAC Was My First Job As HVAC Technician

I was such a mess, I was excited, nervous, and a little bit regretful.

Today was our first day on the job and working as a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repairman.

I had trained for this, heating and repairs should not be overly difficult, however when faced with the situation for the first time with no help, I was confident in our expertise in our ability to do the task right, but still was aware I might be making a mistake somehow. When I arrived for our first afternoon of work, it didn’t take long before I was needed to repair an a/c unit. They needed a/c repair and I was to be the one to supply it. This was the task I had been waiting for, and wanted for so long and now I had to prove myself. I took a close look at the system. It was one of those monstrous commercial a/c systems. I gave it a nice look over and quickly was able to pinpoint the problem. I took out all of our tools and got straight to work on repairing the broken When I had completed the repair, I tested it out and everything was running just fine once again. The difference was noticeable, as soon as the kicked on all the built up heat started to make my way out of the building. I had completed our first real heating and cooling task. I left work at the end of the afternoon with newfound confidence. I knew I had done well and I was ready to repair several more air conditioners.



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