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An upcoming party

This last week, my sibling is having a large outdoor celebration to celebrate the beginning of summer season & the end of the lockdown, but while I am excited to get to see other humans in person & have a celebration together, I am worked up about the fact that there won’t be any air conditioner at the celebration, and the weather is supposed to be heating up quite a bit while in the month & by the weekend, when the celebration is, the temperature is supposed to be in the nineties, then i just don’t know if anyone is going to have a enjoyable time when it’s going to be that hot and humid. I know that I rarely have a lovely time when I’m hot & hot. I just dislike feeling hot & uncomfortable, & I know that I’m not the only one, however my sibling was thinking about getting a large celebration tent with a dance floor in it & flaps on the side. I informed her that I thought that it would be a enjoyable proposal to try the tent, because at least that way people would have some type of shade from the burning hot sun. Then I happened to guess that it would be an enjoyable proposal to rent some portable air conditioner units from a place in the neighborhood that has them. If we have a tent with the sides down & some portable air conditioner units working well, then it might undoubtedly end up being a fun celebration, after all. I don’t know if my sibling will Spring for the cost of the A/C units, though. I’ve heard they are pretty luxurious to buy.
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