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My oldest friend from high school is also my HVAC technician

I met my closest friend Tom while the 2 of us were sharing a desk back in school in our advanced math class.

We struggled when studying some of the early algebra the two of us were being exposed to.

Tom and I suddenly became buddies and so we kept taking classes together until the two of us graduated from high school. Then I started classes at a local community university while Tom went to a trade school so he could get into the work field doing something steady with generous pay. He didn’t want to keep doing minimum wage work. Tom’s path led him into an apprenticeship with a local heating and cooling dealer. By the time I finished at the university, he was already making $25 per hour as a crewmember on a Heating and A/C installation team. He was well on his way to becoming a professional HVAC technician. I’m very blessed to have someone so close to me who can work on my air conditioner and oil furnace for me so I don’t ever have to worry about it. I always insist on paying full price, but he consistently gives me a discount when he is done. It would be nice if I could pay him back with services of my own, but I don’t know how call center experience could ever materialize into help for Tom! Regardless, I won’t ever have to worry about not having someone reputable and accomplished in the heating and cooling business right on the other end of a call whenever I need him. Since we live in the same town, the drive over to my place doesn’t take long, either. I’m blessed to have my friend Tom in my life.


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