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I’d rather do anything else besides yard work

They would eventually grow through the gaps at the base of the condenser

I don’t care for doing yard work. I hate it more than any other chore. I’ll sweep and vacuum the house four times over if I could just avoid working on our yard. I’ll even cook a large meal for our extended family if that would mean that I could simply stop going out and mowing twice a week! I hate raking leaves every morning until the trees are completely bare. I swear that I can rake our entire yard free of leaves more than four times a month and it still is never enough to clear our grass. Then there’s the struggle of bagging the sizable pile of leaves and dragging them all the way down to the curb. I usually create a sizable mountain of leaf bags right down by the roadside. After the grass is somewhat cleared away, this gives me an option to mow if it needs it, or to just remove weeds that are growing around our house. They start climbing onto our front porch, plus around the base of the a/c condenser unit. The condenser equipment has a large fan inside of it to cool the hot compressor inside, so you can imagine what could happen if you allowed all of those weeds to grow unfettered. They would eventually grow through the gaps at the base of the condenser. That could definitely tangle the fan while it isn’t running. If you left your condenser for a few months like this while not running it, you could turn it on one day and you’ll see that the fan is making bizarre noises. By keeping all of the weeds pulled around your condenser unit outside, then you can avoid ever running into a concern like this one.

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